A couple brief thoughts:

It’s not how many people your organization's digital content reaches but which people it reaches. Targeted video production from someone who will take the time to understand your organization's specific needs and produce an affordable, high quality finished product is hard to find. Enter Going Home Pictures.

Your organization needs to inspire someone to give, not just ask someone to give. You must show them the need, but most important, show them your organization in action and the impact of your labor and their donations. If your donor is unable to see your front line efforts in person, photo & video is the next best thing.

What services does GHP offer?

Ooooh, good question, but oh so hard to sum up in a simple list. Going Home Pictures' main focus is storytelling. And whether that storytelling medium is photo or video based, we also target how that message will reach the right audience. We can help carve a strategy for your fundraising campaign or general branding goals, then apply the necessary tactics to put the finished product in front of the right audience. Ah heck, here's a list:

  • Documentary Video
  • Commercial Video
  • Photography
  • Aerial (UAV, drone) photography and videography
  • Image Branding and Identity
  • Marketing Strategy and Campaigns
  • Social Media Integration
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Motion Graphics/Typography
  • Original Musical Score

Why should I use video to get my message out?

We’re living in an ever-changing visual environment. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and e-newsletters make video just a click away. Take the ever-changing Facebook algorithm: Videos are more likely to show up in a user's Facebook feed and, therefore, get extremely higher engagement. And according to Cisco, globally, IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020, up from 70% in 2015. Contact us, and we'll be happy to continue this list and answer any questions or concerns.

How long should my video be?

With shrinking attention spans, you have so little time to hook the viewer... nowadays, more like 10 seconds. So if your first 10 seconds doesn't resonate, the next 60 seconds or 10 minutes is meaningless. While short content has higher engagement, sometimes you have to tell the full story.  When you have a long story to tell, we are proponents of using the teaser method when applicable - tell the story in the time that it takes, but make a separate teaser edit of 30 to 90 seconds to be viewed first. Engage, then hook.  A longer piece can also be cut up into 'webisodes' and released incrementally, sometimes coinciding with another awareness or marketing campaign.  The possibilities are limitless. But remember, we'll find the tools that work for you. Just because society has the attention span of a goldfish (9 seconds), doesn't mean that you have to limit your video project to a few seconds. Content is king!  And even if a viewer watched only one second of your organization's video, it still increases ad recall and brand awareness according to a 2015 Facebook/Nielsen study. Every second drives value to your brand.

What style of video is right for our organization?

Going Home Pictures will work with you to choose the best style of video to compliment your organization's specific goals. We can implement traditional documentary storytelling techniques, high-quality graphics, or just do a simple piece with clean, animated text. We can provide examples from our past work to illustrate the possibilities, or if you have some example videos in mind, please don't hesitate to share with us.

What is the production process with Going Home Pictures?

There is no standard boilerplate for this. It is a creative endeavor with each project having its own unique challenges and logistics. Typically we'll have a meeting either via phone or in person to discuss your goals and outline a rough strategy. We take that information to present you with a proposal containing a rough content outline, a breakdown of resources, timeline, and budget estimate. When concept, delivery date, and budget estimates are agreed upon, a more formal contract with firm budget and timeline is provided by GHP. Dependent upon the project we ask for a 30% down payment at that time with the remaining balance due upon final delivery of the video or media elements. In some cases we can discuss ongoing video updates or web series which would require a different agreement. Most importantly we want to work with you to fulfill your needs, so you'll find us accessible and passionate about our work.

What are the costs for GHP's photo video services?

There are many factors that go into the production of a video, so price can fluctuate quite a bit from project to project. These varying factors include number of shooting days, locations, amount of required editing, use and complexity of graphics, music, and overall length or number of videos. Regardless of these factors you'll find the rates for a Going Home Pictures promotional video to be extremely competitive and fair. We did not start providing video services for nonprofits with the expectations to turn a huge profit -- this is where our hearts are and where we wish to focus our creative energy. Before writing off a video due to assumed cost, let us put together a proposal for you. There are many options -- or tell us what your budget is, and we'll plug in a solution.

I have hours of footage but don't know how to make something from it.  Can GHP help?

Absolutely. You may have footage from the field where your outreach is in action, or you may have interviews from those directly affected by your organization's outreach. Whichever the case may be, we can help you to make an informative, engaging piece from the raw footage regardless of how or when it was shot. Our first two projects with Team Rubicon involved taking amateur footage shot on a Sony handycam from their first relief missions, finding the story within it, and editing it for presentation to major donors at fundraisers and for online outlets.

What about music?

This subject is near and dear to our heart. Music is a much larger and more important part of the finished product than most people give credit. An outstanding and fitting score can turn an informative video piece into an emotionally inspiring piece. Secondly, music is a copyrighted product just like a movie or professional photograph or any other labor of love. Without proper clearances we cannot include your favorite song by Bruno Mars or Flock of Seagulls. Many companies make a profit from using published music without the proper licensing and clearances, and they are leaving themselves open to legal conflict down the road, the inability to use a video they paid to produce, or a video smeared with ads by a third party in order to monetize the content. Music is best implemented when it hits the emotional beats of the video. In many cases videos would be accompanied by an affordable and appropriate song from a music library or an original score from an award-winning composer, with whom we do much collaboration.